The Financial Solutions Lab

About Our Challenges

The FinLab has completed five challenges since 2015, investing in and advancing the work of 30+ fintech startups and nonprofits that are building innovative, scalable products to improve the financial health of underserved consumers in the U.S.

Winners of FinLab challenges receive an equity investment and participate in an 6-8 month accelerator program, including access to resource partners, connections with industry leaders, consumer advocates, regulators, investors, and other key stakeholders in the fintech and consumer finance space, and one-on-one mentorship from JPMorgan Chase experts.

2019 Workplace Financial Health Challenge

Nearly half of all U.S. workers report being financially stressed. The 2019 Workplace Financial Health Challenge is seeking innovative fintech solutions working through the employer channel to help reduce the burden of these financial problems. Applications are currently open!

2018 Challenge

Despite continued low unemployment and modest wage growth, fifty-seven percent of all American adults — approximately 138 million U.S. consumers — are financially unhealthy. In 2018, we remain focused on identifying a broad range of new solutions to improve consumer financial health in the United States.

2017 Challenge

57% of U.S. households are struggling with their financial health. In 2017 we sought innovative solutions to this pressing issue.

2016 Challenge

81% of Americans face a financial shock every year. In 2016, we looked for innovations that helped Americans weather financial shocks.

2015 Challenge

More than 100 million Americans struggle to manage cash flow, and our challenge in 2015 was to find innovators working to find solutions that can solve this problem — making financial health a reality for more Americans.

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