FinLab Takes on Barefoot Podcast

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FinLab Takes on Barefoot Podcast

FinLab takes on Jo Ann Barefoot during her well-known podcast.

From Jo Ann: “We have a very special show today. I realized – rather late – that we should do an episode on the CFSI financial solutions lab competition. It’s belated, because the contest is open, now, for its second year of applications, and the deadline is April 7 – just a few days from now.”

Her guests were Ryan Falvey, who heads the lab, plus three of last year’s nine winners. They are Sheri Atwood of SupportPay; Jerry Nemorin of LendStreet, and Quinten Farmer of Even. They explain how the competition works, what they’re looking for this year, and — from the standpoint of last year’s winners — what they have gotten from participating in the program.

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