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Fintech innovations that improve financial health are born here.

What's Ahead

The Financial Solutions Lab’s 2020 Worker and Student Financial Health Accelerator will identify and develop fintech solutions that help students and workers understand and navigate educational or job training expenses, bridge cash flow gaps, smooth inconsistent income, navigate financial uncertainty and more.

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Investing in Innovative Companies

Financial Solutions Lab accelerator program has invested in nearly 40 innovative fintech startups. Accelerator participants receive access to the following:


Accelerator participants receive up to $125,000 in capital structured to advance the goals of their organization.

Partnership Opportunities

Identification of mutually beneficial partnerships, to expand your reach and impact – sometimes from tens of thousands to millions.

Industry Expertise

Subject matter experts available to share industry knowledge for an edge in their fields and a boost in starting their businesses.


Ongoing guidance from financial services, fintech and industry experts, offering mentorship on the journey of building a business.

Peer Learning

Exchange best practices and connect with other ecosystem audiences at In-person and virtual events – often at the fintech industry’s hottest conferences.


Gain insider access to potential partners, customers and more at exclusive events, and industry and Financial Health Network conferences.

FinLab and the Financial Health Network have given us an unparalleled opportunity to work with executives from the largest banks in the country, along with government and regulatory bodies. This access has been phenomenal as it has allowed Digit to be involved in conversations directly impacting the future of fintech.
Ethan Bloch Founder and CEO About Digit
I wish we had known about the Financial Health Network [and FinLab] earlier on. It would have helped us get to market quicker and we could have benefited from their knowledge of the space early on.
Jason Wilk Founder and CEO About
FinLab has been an incredible help to our business and I've been raving about the program to everyone I know. When we looked at many other accelerator programs the value proposition seemed to be mostly around generic best practices for building a new software business, a small initial amount of capital to get things going and access to future investors. I think where FinLab really stands out is in providing all of those things and very specific and difficult to find expertise around financial regulation.
Alex Marlantes Co-Founder and CEO About Everlance
The Lab was instrumental in helping us grow our business and providing the expert insights we needed to expand our solution to more underserved consumers. In fact, the newest iteration of our product was inspired by collaboration we developed through FinLab.
Jimmy Chen Founder and CEO About Propel

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